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Professional Development (Pro-D)
Supply Management (Procurement) Track
Only US$399 + Tax

Welcome to the PRO-D Supply Management (Procurement) Track , a comprehensive, self-paced, educational program brought to you by Supply Chain Education Inc and BMTG (UK) Ltd. Designed to meet the needs of both seasoned professionals and those new to the field in procurement, sourcing, and purchasing or those transitioning into this exciting field.

This Pro-D Supply Management (Procurement) Track comprises six engaging Course Modules. Each module delivers approximately 6 hours hours of self-paced learning (36 hours in total), accompanied by an online Assessment featuring 50 questions (300 in total) to reinforce your understanding.

Embark now  on this educational journey to deepen your expertise in procurement and contribute to the success of your organization.


Recognizing your commitment and achievement, we aim to elevate your career prospects and boost your professional credibility. 

Upon successful completion of all 6 modules, you will be presented with a prestigious digital Certificate of Achievement issued by Missouri State University and Supply Chain Education Inc. 

This globally recognized certification further validates your expertise in supply chain management, empowering you to excel in your field.

The International Leadership and Training Center has a cooperative relationship to provide validation and certification for over fifty professional development programs.



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Pro-D Supply Management (Procurement Track)


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