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Certified Professional in Supply Management: CPSM®
The BMTG / SCE CPSM® Study Program

Certify yourself and / or your Supply Management Team
with our In-House Tailored Study Programs 

The BMTG / SCE CPSM® Study Program is the perfect solution for putting yourself or your Supply Management team through a structured and controlled self-paced learning program whilst protecting your training budget.

The unique BMTG e-Learning Academy controls the learning flow whilst enabling management to view individual student progress and performance along the way and highlighting those that are struggling or behind schedule.

Clients include Northrop Grumman, Verizon, Ingersoll Rand, Halliburton, Atlas Copco, Boeing, BBraun, Commercial Metals, Emerson, Ericsson, Harkins Theatres, Mary Kay, Monsanto, Stewart Title, Whitmore and Watson Suspensions to name a few.


Please Contact Us for an initial chat where we can explain the benefits of our In-House program.

The CPSM® Certified Professional in Supply Management is a globally recognized professional credential offered by the ISM (Institute for Supply Management), the largest Supply Management (SM) association in the world as well as the most respected and the global leader in supply management education.

Developed from a detailed understanding of modern-day supply management functions, CPSM® focuses on the contemporary complexities of supply management in a world where supply chain and procurement professionals must continue to find new and innovative ways to deliver added value to their organizations.

The CPSM® certification program emphasises the integration of the Strategic Supply Chain, and along with Procurement and Supply Management, prepares the practitioner to move beyond tactical thinking in order to generate strategic solutions and to evolve continually in the rapidly changing Supply Management environment.

Invest in your Supply Management Team Development

By earning the CPSM® designation, your teams will have an unparalleled supply management certification and you will be seen as an employer of choice.


Not only will your supply management team stand apart from your competitors, they will also have key advanced skills and knowledge and a greater understanding of end-to-end supply chain.

The CPSM® certification will position your Supply Chain team in the top quartile enabling them to more easily achieve your corporate supply management goals.

Structured Self-Paced Learning

The BMTG/SCE CPSM® Study Program is a 9 month blended learning experience brought to you by BMTG (UK) Ltd in conjunction with Supply Chain Education Inc., and our local event management partners, and has been designed specifically for corporate Supply Management Teams and individuals.

The primary purpose of this CPSM® certificate Study Program is to prepare your Supply Management Professionals to sit and pass the three CPSM® exams which are divided into three modules Supply Management Core (SM Core), Supply Management Integration (SM Integration) and Leadership and Transformation in Supply Management (SM leadership / Transformation)


Over 1,500 students from over 300 organisations have successfully passed their CPSM® certification via our program.


Our Exam Success Rate 90-95%


What do you get?

The BMTG/SCE CPSM® Study Program is a blended delivery model combining in-depth study materials with simulated exam questions, pre-recorded audio reviews and 15 x 3hr live virtual sessions for the very best learning experience (45 hrs in total).


The program is a blend of key concepts, group exercises and case studies with audience participation. Delivery will be informative, fast-paced with interactive group exercises which reflect the sharing of global best practices, with learnings reinforced through a tutor interaction


The BMTG/SCE CPSM Study Program is accessed 100% on demand at your convenience via the BMTG e-Learning Academy learning management system which includes detailed study materials with practical examples and simulated exams.

Audio presentations with CPSM alerts (you do not need to purchase any additional review materials).


Each participant will have access to over 1,400  exam sample questions including question and answer methodologies.


Each module has a comprehensive, final simulated exam which is the last pulse-check before taking the ISM external exam.


Students have the option of attending 45 hours of live virtual review tutorials per module which will run at predetermined times.

All delegate progress is monitored and compliance reports made available to corporate management.

CPSM Module 1 SM Core

​Learning Blocks
  1. Sourcing

  2. Category Management

  3. Negotiation

  4. Legal and Contractual

  5. Supplier Relationship Management

  6. Cost and Price Management

  7. Financial Analysis

  • Up to 15 hours live virtual tutorials*

  • 180 Simulated Exam Questions

CPSM Module 2 SM Integration

​Learning Blocks
  1. Supply Chain Strategy

  2. Sales and Operations Planning

  3. Demand Planning / Forecasting

  4. Product and Service Development

  5. Quality Management

  6. Logistics and Materials Management

  7. Project Management

  • Up to 15 hours live virtual tutorials*

  • 165 Simulated Exam Questions

CPSM Module 3
Leadership & Transformation

​Learning Blocks
  1. Leadership & Business Acumen

  2. Strategy Development

  3. Stakeholder Engagement

  4. People Development and Coaching

  5. Risk and Compliance

  6. Social Responsibility & Ethics

  • Up to 15 hours live virtual tutorials*

  • 165 Simulated Exam Questions


Our corporate subscriptions are ideal for organizations looking to elevate their entire supply management team's expertise. With our customized training programs, we can tailor our CPSM® certification program to fit your organization's specific needs. This can help improve team collaboration, drive supply chain efficiency, and ultimately boost your bottom line.


CPSM® Study Program
Self-Paced Option

Thank you for registering. Now please check your inbox to confirm your pre-registration and we will be in touch when dates have been announced.

Looking for a flexible way to study? Our self-paced option might be just what you need! With this option, you can undertake the study program at your own leisure, without any tutor interaction. Contact us for further information.


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