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Supply Chain Project Manager: SCPM™

Course Summary

The correlation of Supply Chain Management and Project Management has, until recently, generally been overlooked. However; in recent years it has been recognized that they are highly complementary. Linkedin currently has in excess of 30000 job vacancies with the title Supply Chain Project Manager seeking individuals with experience of both Supply Chain Management and Project Management capable of managing and transforming the Supply Chain in their organisations to reduce costs, increase resilience, improve sustainability and support general transformation. A Supply Chain Manager with strong project management experience will stand out from the crowd by demonstrating not only the thought leadership, influencing, communication, conflict resolution and problem solving skills of the highly effective project manager in order to drive supply management business decisions balancing revenue generation, profitability and risk. A Project Manager without Supply Chain experience will struggle to understand the implications on project scope, schedule, quality and budget if they are not familiar with their organisation’s supply chain procurement processes and systems and how these integrate with operations, logistics and other key functions to create added value. Conversely a Supply Chain Professionals will struggle to transform and improve the supply chain function if they don't have the skills, techniques and knowledge of the methodologies and tools of Project Management. This highly interactive 5 day SCPM™ program deals will many of these issues and provides a framework to increase personal abilities and project management skills in a supply management project environment by bringing together the existing knowledge of supply management professionals with the basic planning and project governance tools and techniques needed to be an effective project manager. The course will also teach delegates advanced techniques for identifying, dealing with and communicating with Stakeholders; techniques for identifying and mitigating risks and issues; advanced communication techniques; techniques which help project managers become more situationally aware and able to predict, prevent or resolve problems; techniques to recruit and select the best people, and how to deal with imperfect team structures that they may inherit and will guide you through the complexities of Personality Profiling and how you can us this enhanced awareness to communicate and influence more effectively. Many project management toolsets and methodologies qualify you to only operate in that particular environment. Whilst SCPMTM is toolset and methodology independent the course will discuss the various methodologies (traditional and modern) and when best to utilize them. The skills and techniques you will learn and demonstrate from this course will prove to be invaluable to you regardless of the toolsets or methodologies used by your organisation.
This SCPM™ course is certified by the Missouri State University International Leadership and Training Center (ILTC) who provide customized, non-credit training vocational programs for international students and professionals. SCPM™ has been analyzed by Missouri State University ILTC and it had the proper content and quality to get the university’s quality seal, that means that you’re going to get a top of the line course.

Benefits of Attending

  • Apply a Project Management approach to achieve supply chain synergy

  • Utilize a Project Management approach in Strategic Sourcing

  • Appreciate the importance and benefits of accurate project management

  • Develop a comprehensive tool-kit for successful supply chain project management that you can use immediately

  • Understand the basics of effective project planning

  • Employ key tools (i.e. SOW, WBS, Responsibility Matrix) to drive value

  • Manage Stakeholders, Risk and Quality

  • Enhance your communication and influencing skills

  • Optimize planning techniques such as CPM and PERT

  • Understand project methodologies and when to best use them

  • Master the art of efficient supply chain project delivery

  • Use supply chain project management as a key business driver

  • Comply with major international project management standards

  • Successfully determine the appropriate management solutions for your supply chain projects

Working at home

Who should attend this SCPM™ course?

  • This highly practical and interactive 5 day Course has been specifically designed for:-

  • Supply Chain Professionals

  • Procurement Directors

  • Supplier Managers

  • Buyers / Senior Buyers

  • Finance Managers

  • Project Managers

  • Project Directors

  • Project Engineers

  • PLUS anyone who is involved in supply chain project work and wishes to enhance their project management skills

Course Contents

Section 1 – Introductions
•   Introductions
•   Expectations
•   Ground rules
•   SCM-SM Similarities/Differences
•   SC Management Styles

Section 2 – Project Management Basics
  Why do SC projects go wrong
•   Overview of Key Project Management Skills
•   Scope Management of SC projects
•   Project Goals and Objectives
•   Project Life Cycles (ex. Strategic Sourcing)


By completing this module you will understand the crucial need for fully defined Scope and Requirements before commencing a project. You will also critically examine the fundamentals of Project Management and challenge your views on the things you automatically assume to be correct and relevant.

Section 3 - Planning, Estimating and Controlling A Project
•   Principles of Planning
•   Estimating and Scheduling
•   Planning, Scheduling and Control Tools
•   Breakdown Structures (ex. WBS of SRM)
•   Monitoring and Controlling Progress


By completing this module you will recognise the importance of 11 different types of plans and their interactions. You will examine tried and tested techniques with a 21st Century critical challenge and you will recognise the benefits of not being constrained by a particular toolset or technique.

Section 4 – Critical Success Factors for Project Managers
•   Critical Success Factors for Project Managers (ex. procurement savings)
•   SC Leadership versus SC Management
•   Common Corporate Organisation Structures
•   Understanding HR Strategy
•   Recruit and Select your SC Project Team
•   Gaining trust or improved effectiveness
•   Influencing your Team and getting commitment


By completing this module you will demonstrate that you can build effective and efficient teams using scientific techniques and that you understand how and why to recruit specific team members. Additionally you will be able to predict team structure issues and take preventative action before it impacts your project. Finally, you will understand what characteristics are essential to be a successful Project Manager.


Section 5 – Essential Management Skills
•   Stakeholder Management
•   Risk Management (ex. Supplier financial status)
•   Communication
•   Negotiation (both internal & w/external suppliers)
•   Managing Supplier Quality
•   Project Finance and Procurement Cost Control
•   Service Level Agreements w/ key suppliers
•   Contracts, Disputes and Arbitration w/external suppliers


By completing this module you will understand and demonstrate all the major and critical skills and techniques to enable you to be a successful Project Manager. The topics in this module are all intensive and a challenging learning experience – but learning them in the classroom will pay dividends over learning them on the sharp edge of a project. Additionally, you will understand advanced techniques in creating and maintaining SLA’s and Contracts which relate to your project.

Section 6 – Project Administration and Conclusion
•   Reporting
•   Closing Out projects
•   Post Implementation Reviews
•   Dumb Things Project Managers Say


By completing this module you will demonstrate that closing down a project and reviewing the outcomes with a view to re-using the knowledge again are vital but often overlooked disciplines, which are as important as all other phases in a project lifecycle.

The programme will include a series of group exercises with a high level of delegate interaction.

SCPM™ Assessment*
Only those who successfully complete the examination and participate effectively in the course case studies will receive the Supply Chain Project Management (SCPM™) certification.



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