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Masterclass in Value Added Procurement, Negotiation and SRM

Course Summary

According to ISM – The Institute for Supply Management, every 1% that you reduce costs equates to 5% in additional sales, As such, many organizations are becoming aware that the Procurement function is no longer just an operational cost center but one of strategic importance to their supply chain. In addition, inefficiencies along the procurement process can cascade down the supply chain and adversely impact the bottomline. As prices of commodities become more volatile, it is crucial for the Procurement professional to proactively assess and review how to plan and implement value-added procurement strategies, perform successful win-win negotiations without leaving money on the table, and develop effective and sustainable relationships with key suppliers. This Certified VAPNS™ 5 day course explores the latest methodologies and practices such that your organization can move from simply a reactive, tactical (cost center) department to a value-add, strategic (profit center). The presenter will give you the best of his experience in presenting this workshop, not only in the formal subjects to be presented but through networking and discussions, before, during and after the program.
This Masterclass in Value Added Procurement, Negotiation and Supply Relationship Managment is certified by the Missouri State University International Leadership and Training Center (ILTC) who provide customized, non-credit training and vocational programs for international students and professionals. Missouri State University ILTC have analysed this masterclass and confirm that it has the proper content and quality to get the university’s quality seal, that means that you’re going to get a top of the line course. Delegates receive a digital Certificate of Attendance from Missouri State University / ILTC

Benefits of Attending

  • Create a Strategic Supply Plan and an Operations Plan to implement it

  • Engage essential stakeholders through Early Supplier Involvement & Early Procurement Involvement

  • Establish an Ethics Policy for Procurement based on the Institute for Supply Management and the United Nations

  • Implement the 9-Step Acquisition Process and develop three key documents: the requisition, the solicitation and the purchase order

  • Create a Strategic Negotiations plan and customize negotiation strategies based on Goods vs. Services

  • Apply the Total Cost of Ownership model to Analyze Prices/Costs in Negotiations

  • Move from simply boilerplate (reactive language) to proactive language with “teeth,” such as how to drive volume rebates and cost savings

  • Understand and apply the underlying contract law, be it local, CISG or other 

  • Develop key Supply and Supplier Strategies based on the Risk/Benefit Matrix

  • Assess your Supply Base using a Supplier Evaluation and Audit Tool used in a Fortune 500 company

Business Consultation

Who should attend this VAPNS™ Masterclass?

This highly practical and interactive course has been specifically designed for:​​

  • Procurement Heads, Directors and Managers

  • Supply Chain Heads, Directors and Managers

  • Purchasing Heads, Directors and Managers

  • Buyers / Senior Buyers

  • Manufacturing Directors and Managers

  • Inventory Directors and Managers

  • Warehousing Directors and Managers

  • Transportation Directors Managers

  • Heads of Logistics

  • PLUS anyone who is responsible for / involved in supplier relationships, procurement, tenders or anticipates being involved with the above in the future

Course Contents

This Masterclass will be a blend of key concepts, group exercises and case studies with audience participation, accompanied by detailed and robust supplemental materials that will allow you to refer back to the key points long after the programs ends so that you can take concept to reality.



Module 1: Moving from Simply Purchasing to Procurement/Supply Management


  • Exercise: Develop a Mission Statement for your procurement department


Module 2: Supply Management – Stakeholders & The Strategic Supply Plan


  • Case Study: Are the Savings Brewing with the Coffee?


Module 3: Maintaining Good Ethical Conduct


  • Case Study: Determine the Six Areas that an Ethics Policy should focus on.


Module 4: The Nine Step Acquisition Process


  • Exercise: Design a Solicitation.

  • Exercise: Design the Purchase Order


Module 5: Developing the Negotiation Plan


  • Exercise: The Mock Negotiation – The Ideal Contract


Module 6: Analyzing and Applying Total Cost Modeling


  • Exercise: Develop a TCO Model applicable to your company



Module 7: Negotiating the Contract – Key Elements & Types of Obligation Documents



Module 8: Negotiating the Contract – Contracts for Products & Services, Understanding the Key Clauses and The Applicable Laws


Module 9: Project Management as the Precursor to good SRM


Module 10: Implementing Strategic Sourcing


  • Exercise: The participants will design a four-quadrant Risk/ Benefit Matrix leading to the development of key supply/supplier strategies.


Module 11: Moving Toward SRM and Technology as an Enabler


  • Case Study: CAPS Study on Types of Supplier Relationships


Assessment Tool Participants will be provided with the Supplier Evaluation and Audit Tool based on its use in a Fortune 500 company.


Wrap Up


Course Quiz with discussions


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