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The BMTG Masterclass in Bid & Tender Management: 3 Days

Course Summary
Suppliers are the lifeblood of most organisations – at their best they provide not only the goods and services needed to run the business but are also a rich source of new ideas and innovation. Issuing tenders and choosing the right suppliers is critical. Equally so, no business can survive without its customers and winning bids is equally essential to business success. This 3-day masterclass is certified, through independent assessment and accreditation, by the International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM) PAS and is suitable for either buyers or salespeople and provides delegates with the skills and expertise required to enable them to create real value for their organisations via the bidding and tendering processes. The Masterclass is facilitated by leading practitioners in the field and looks at the bid and tender process from both a buying and selling perspective, covering both the writing and issuing of Invitations to Tender and the writing and submitting of bids in response. As value needs to be created on both sides of the equation for contracts to be successful there will be an emphasis on understanding the market from both the buying and selling point of view, ensuring that needs are clearly specified in the ITT and that suppliers can meet these needs. In addition to a detailed exploration of the bidding and tendering processes, the Masterclass includes a session on vital soft skills such as communication, stakeholder management and persuasion. It will also discuss the challenges involved in forming and sustaining good, practical working relationships and in the art of negotiation. Questioning is encouraged and there will be plenty of discussion allowing participants to share their own experiences, thoughts and ideas. Each delegate will receive full course notes and a set of templates and other materials that they can take back to use in their own organisation.
Financial Consultation

Delegates attending this 3-day Masterclass will receive a Certificate of Completion endorsed by the International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM) PAS Standard

Benefits of Attending

For your organisation


  • Confidence in having a robust bidding and tendering processes

  • Minimise the risk of losing tenders

  • Minimise the risk of selecting the wrong suppliers

  • Minimise potential for corruption

  • Increase the value of contracts


For you personally


  • Understand what bidding and tendering is all about

  • Ascertain real needs, document requirements and write specifications

  • Analyse the supply markets using a number of tools

  • Identify potential suppliers and potential customers

  • Understand how to tender and how to bid

  • Know what makes both a good ITT (Invitation to Tender) and a good bid

  • Know the rules, regulations and guidelines to follow in bidding and tendering

  • Publish tenders that can attract and appoint the best supplier

  • Distinguish your bids from the competition – for the right reasons

  • Write winning bids – bids that win more contracts

  • Manage contracts for increased value

  • Reduce risks and foster innovation in the supply chain

  • Avoid corruption in all its forms

  • Improve your communication, stakeholder management and negotiation skills

  • Receive a Certificate of Completion from the International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM)

Image by Sebastian Herrmann
Working Together

Who should attend this ACBTM™ Masterclass?

  • Procurement Directors / Procurement Managers

  • Buyers / Senior Buyers

  • Supplier Managers / Supply Chain Consultants

  • Sales Directors / Sales Managers

  • Business Development Managers /Client Managers

  • Technical Sales Managers / Bid Team Leaders

  • Business Owners / Executive Directors / Managing Directors / General Managers

  • Operations Directors /Operations Managers

  • Finance Directors / Finance Managers

  • Project Directors / Project Managers /Project Engineers

  • PLUS anyone else who is interested in ensuring that the bid and tender process works well in their organisation – matching the right suppliers to the right customers and ensuring value is created on both sides

Course Contents

Introduction to bids and tendering
•    What is bidding and tendering all about?
•    What makes a good Invitation to Tender (ITT)?
•    What makes a good bid?
•    Why is bidding and tendering important? 

Understanding the procurement cycle 
•    The procurement lifecycle from A to Z
•    Identifying the need and gathering requirements
•    Pre-market engagement
•    Writing the specification
•    Strategic Sourcing – choosing the right supplier

Identifying the need and gathering requirements
•    Involving the stakeholders
•    Needs – not wants
•    Baselining – where are we now?

Writing a good specification
•    What makes a good specification?
•    Specifying the outcome, not the inputs

Markets, customers and suppliers
•    Porter’s Five Forces and other analysis tools
•    Engaging with the market
•    How do buyers look at suppliers?
•    How do suppliers look at customers?
•    Matching the right buyer with the right supplier

The tendering process
•    The tendering process from A to Z
•    Fairness and transparency and avoiding corruption 
•    Writing the tender documents
•    Publishing the opportunity and attracting suppliers 
•    Handling queries in a fair and open way
•    Opening and evaluating the bids
•    Awarding the contract and giving feedback
•    E-tendering – how to make it work effectively

Putting together the Invitation to Tender (ITT)
•    What’s in a name – ITT, RFP, RFQ and PQQ?
•    Contents of a good ITT
•    Write your evaluation criteria first
•    Selection criteria versus award criteria
•    The use of Pre-Qualification Questionnaires (PQQ)

Understanding the sales cycle

  • The sales lifecycle from A to Z

  • Identifying opportunities – prospecting

  • Approaching the prospect

  • Writing and presenting the bid

  • Handling objections

  • Closing the sale

  • Following up


The bidding process

  • The bidding process from A to Z

  • Identifying opportunities – where to look

  • Involving the stakeholders – forming the bid team

  • To bid or not to bid – the bid /no-bid decision

  • Pricing and costs – the need to make a profit

  • Reading and understanding the tender documents

  • Writing, reviewing and submitting the bid

  • Getting the response

  • Challenging the response – if there’s a problem

  • Getting feedback about your bid


Putting together the bid

  • What’s in a name – is this an ITT, or a PQQ, or…?

  • The bid team and its role

  • Contents of a good bid

  • How will my bid be evaluated?

  • The critical need to do exactly as the ITT asks

  • Writing a winning bid

  • Reviewing and approving the bid


Bid evaluation

  • Longlisting and shortlisting

  • Does the bid read well and make sense?

  • Bid evaluation techniques – informal and formal

  • Weighting and scoring – keep it simple!

  • Looking for value – all the time

  • Recommendation and approval


Soft skills for procurement and salespeople

  • Communication skills for bidding and tendering

  • Stakeholder management

  • Persuasion and negotiation

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