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Advanced Certificate in Strategic Procurement: ACSP™

Course Summary

Certified by the International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM) the Advanced Certificate in Strategic Procurement: ACSP™ is designed to provide delegates with the understanding, framework, tools, and principles that will allow their organisations to elevate Procurement to a strategic level. Effective Procurement is, and always has been, fundamental to the success of an organisation. On average, over fifty percent of an organisation’s total revenue is passed down the Supply Chain. In many sectors however, this can be significantly more for example in the Public Sector, this can exceed eighty percent. It is imperative that this expenditure is managed and controlled effectively. Poor Procurement leads to, increased cost, poor quality, delays, loss of control and lack of cost visibility. Proactive, professional Procurement will become a value added function within the organisation. Over time, organisations have realised the value that can be delivered through effective Procurement. At the same time, the value of appropriately qualified Procurement Professionals has also increased. Procurement is now seen as a “Strategic Role” Rather than an “Administrative Role”. The shift from transactional, operational buying to Strategic Procurement has been quicker in some Industries than others. Organisations that have not yet made the change are being left behind. Commodity, or category, based Procurement provides the optimal structure to help deliver a truly World Class Procurement function.


The Advanced Certificate in Strategic Procurement: ACSP™ is certified, through independent assessment and accreditation, by the International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM) PAS Standard

Accredited by the
CPD Standards Office


The Advanced Certificate in Strategic procurement: ACSP™ has attained international independent accreditation from the prestigious CPD Standards Office awarding successful delegates with 30 CPD Credits.

The CPD Standards Office accreditation services works in partnership with the Training Journal and the CPD institute supporting all forms of professional development and CPD schemes globally and has an increasingly international reputation as the strongest currency in professional development. 

CPD extends across the globe and is undertaken in most countries and is normally compatible with the CEUs (Continuous Education Units) in the USA and Canada*

*delegates are advised to check with their respective national bodies or employers

Benefits of Attending

By attending this Course you will be equipped with the skills to:

  • Understand the Role of the Procurement Function within the Organisation

  • Assess the Effectiveness of your Procurement Function

  • Effectively Plan and Manage Procurement Projects

  • Implement and Develop Commodity based Procurement within the Organisation

  • Assess Commodity Markets

  • Benchmark Suppliers

  • Build and Analyse Comprehensive Tender Documentation

  • Understand and Build Effective Pricing Models

  • Build and Utilise Effective KPI’s and SLA’s

  • Negotiate Effectively

  • Deliver Real Bottom Line Efficiencies and Cost Savings

Image by Razvan Chisu
A group of women at a business meeting

Who should attend this ACSP™ course?

  • Procurement Heads, Directors and Managers

  • Supply Chain Heads, Directors and Managers

  • Purchasing Heads, Directors and Managers

  • Buyers / Senior Buyers

  • Manufacturing Directors and Managers

  • Inventory Directors and Managers

  • Warehousing Directors and Managers

  • Transportation Directors Managers

  • Heads of Logistics

  • Procurement Officers

  • Logistics Directors, Managers and Officers

  • Business Owners

  • Operations Directors and General Managers

  • Tender Managers and Coordinators

  • Contract Managers

  • Supplier Directors and Managers

  • Finance Directors and Managers

  • PLUS anyone who is responsible for / involved in supplier relationships, procurement, tenders or anticipates being involved with the above in the future.

Course Contents

Understand the Role of Procurement

  • Operational Importance

  • Make ‘vs’ Buy Assessments

  • Build an Effective Procurement Function

  • Roles and Responsibilities of the Function

  • Understand Cost ‘v’ Capability

Deliver Successful Procurement Projects

  • Stakeholder Management

  • Obtain and Maintain Buy-in

  • Key Project Stages

  • Project Documentation

  • Communication Strategies

  • Team Structures

Understand the Current Position

  • ‘Commodity Based Procurement’ Explained

  • Identify and Understand Expenditure

  • Build Commodity Groups and Structures

  • Split Expenditure by Commodity

  • Identify and Understand Key Cost Drivers

  • Assess and Rank Existing Suppliers

  • Identify Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Build Simple and Effective Analysis Models

Understand Commodity Supply Markets

  • Assessment of Buyer and Supplier Power

  • Assess Local, National and International Options

  • Generate Competition in the Market

  • Supplier Identification, Analysis and Ranking

  • Build Effective Commodity Strategies

Build Effective Tenders

  • Invitation to Tender (ITT) Fundamentals

  • Key Assessment Categories

  • Understand and Document Requirements

  • Obtain Organisational Buy-In

  • Achieve Objectivity and Transparency

  • Build Simple and Effective Assessment Tools

  • Dealing with Verification Visits


Cost Control and Reduction

  • Understand Cost ‘vs’ Price

  • Strengths and Weaknesses of Costing Mechanisms

  • Understand Cost Drivers

  • Introduce Competition

  • Obtain Transparency

  • Identify Cost Reduction Opportunities

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and Service Levels

  • Key KPI Principles

  • Selecting Effective KPI’s

  • Selecting Appropriate Service Levels

  • KPI Frequency

Negotiation – Making all the Hard Work Count!

  • Key Steps to Successful Negotiation

  • Build the Negotiation Plan

  • Build a Position of Power

  • Negotiating Styles

  • The Negotiating Team

  • Closing the Deal

The programme will include a series of group exercises, a personality profile and case studies with a high level of delegate interaction.

ACSP™ Assessment *
*Only those who successfully complete an online assessment and participate effectively in the course case studies will receive the Advanced Certificate in Strategic Procurement ACSP™)

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