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Advanced Certificate in Procurement Compliance: ACPC™

Course Summary
Certified by the International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM) this advanced course is designed for both Auditors and Procurement practitioners and leads delegates through a systematic approach to enable validation of compliance from the procurement function, whose activities impact upon both upon every line of annual financial statements and upon overall corporate governance. Effective internal and subsequently external audit compliance is a key fundamental in demonstrating effective governance within an organisation. Whilst most internal departments have a specific process work flow, procurement is often extremely difficult to effectively audit as their activities stem from a specific procurement strategy choice. Uniquely, for procurement team delegates, emphasis is placed upon ensuring that procurement practitioners build an effective yet transparent procurement strategy underpinned by both policy, documentary evidence and audit trails, whilst for auditors the course provides insight into not only how to effectively audit the procurement function, but through knowledge enhancement increases audit sensitivity to potential red flag issues within the procurement function. ACPC™ provides the understanding, framework, tools, and principles that allow organisations to build, embed and validate audit compliance and risk management within the Procurement function, thereby supporting overall corporate governance.
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The Advanced Certificate in Procurement Compliance: ACPC™ is certified, through independent assessment and accreditation, by the International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM) PAS Standard

Accredited by the
CPD Standards Office


The Advanced Certificate in Procurement Compliance: ACPC™ has attained international independent accreditation from the prestigious CPD Standards Office awarding successful delegates with 30 CPD Credits.

The CPD Standards Office accreditation services works in partnership with the Training Journal and the CPD institute supporting all forms of professional development and CPD schemes globally and has an increasingly international reputation as the strongest currency in professional development. 

CPD extends across the globe and is undertaken in most countries and is normally compatible with the CEUs (Continuous Education Units) in the USA and Canada*

*delegates are advised to check with their respective national bodies or employers

Benefits of Attending

By attending this Course you will be equipped with the skills to:

  • Understand the Role of the Procurement Function within the Organisation.

  • Assess the compliance level of your Procurement Function.

  • Effectively Plan and Manage audit compliance.

  • Effectively manage VAT impacts & ensure compliance within the supply base.

  • Conduct objective and meaningful audits to underpin governance.

  • Demonstrate robust governance and transparency to external agencies & customers.

  • Effectively manage non compliant procurement risk & red flag scenarios

  • Support your organisation’s Corporate Governance initiatives and policy.

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Business Meeting

Who should attend this ACPC™ course?

  • Procurement Directors

  • Corporate Governance teams

  • Business Owners / Managing Directors

  • Supplier Managers

  • Supply Chain Consultants

  • Buyers / Senior Buyers

  • Operations Managers & Directors

  • Finance Managers

  • Heads of Governance & Compliance

  • Executive Directors

  • General Managers

  • Divisional Heads

  • Project Directors

  • Audit team leaders

  • Audit staff

  • Project Leaders

  • Team Leaders

  • Supervisors

  • VAT Compliance Officers.

  • Plus anyone responsible for purchasing and procurement decisions 

Course Contents

Understand the Role of Procurement

  • Key drivers of Procurement strategy.

  • The Strategic Procurement Roadmap.

  • Roles and Responsibilities of the Function.

  • Developing evidence based procurement.

  • Linking Procurement activity to support Corporate Governance.

Understand the role of Audit

  • Key drivers of audit strategy.

  • The Strategic audit roadmap.

  • Conducting effective audits.

  • Balancing operational and compliance needs.

  • Triangulating Procurement, Audit & Corporate Governance.

Understand Procurement Risk

  • The concept of risk.

  • Financial risk.

  • VAT introduction – overview and risk management.

  • Operational risk.

  • Market risk.

  • Importing risk via the supply base.

  • Root cause risk analysis.

  • Managing & mitigating procurement risk.

Developing the audit approach – Pre-tender

  • Examining the supplier selection process.

  • Ensuring VAT compliance – both pre-tender and for new suppliers.

  • Validating existing supplier listings.

  • Supplier bid concentration.

  • Examining tender pre-qualification focus (PQQ).

  • Examining the tender (ITT).

  • Spend analysis techniques.

  • Supplier capability validation systems.

  • Potential red flag issues.

  • Demonstrating evidence based corporate governance.



Developing the audit approach – Supplier selection

  • Validating supplier capability.

  • Validating supplier financial stability post VAT implementation.

  • Supplier audit visit management.

  • Examining supplier scoring systems.

  • Managing conflicts of interest.

  • Ensuring objectivity within the tender process.

  • Potential red flag issues.

Developing the audit approach – post tender- contracts and supplier management

  • Key legal principles – avoiding contractual risk.

  • Examining supplier performance management systems.

  • Objective supplier relationship management.

  • Developing supplier interaction policies.

  • Managing Cross cultural supplier management audit issues.

  • Potential red flag issues.

  • Validating & ensuring ongoing Corporate Governance compliance.

Bringing everything together:

  • The psychology of audit.

  • Effective audit report writing & process management.

  • Effective engagement of audit committee.

  • Developing continuous improvement initiatives together.


This program will include a series of group exercises and case studies with a high level of delegate interaction.

ACPC™ Assessment*

*Only those who successfully complete the assessment and participate effectively in the course case studies will receive the Advanced Certificate in Procurement Compliance (ACPC™)

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